Route 5*****

  • Departure: 8.30 am Plaça de les Fontetes, La Massana
  • Arrival: Central Park, Andorra La Vella.
  • Timed Section:
    * From the village of Serrat to La Coma D’Arcalis.
    * From Poble D’Ordino to Coll D’Ordino
    * From Poble Encamp to Beixalis
    * From the village of Sant Julià de Lòria to La Peguera
    * From the village of Sant Julià to La Gallina
  • Provisioning in the Coma d’Arcalis, in the Coll D’Ordino, Beixalis, Peguera, Gallina.
  • Delivery of finishers: in the Padoc, Central Park, Andorra La Vella
  • Awards Ceremony: 4 pm at the Pàdoc, Central Park, Andorra La Vella
  • Only the Time of the timed section will count, for the classification.
  • It will be mandatory to leave La Massana and arrive in Andorra la Vella.
Closing control time: All participants who are in the connecting section of the Andorra la Vella area at 3 pm will be obliged to enter the finish line and score for Route 4 ****.



Time frame

Clean CO2

Multisegur Volta als Ports d'Andorra calculates and compensates its carbon footprint

Multisegur Volta als Ports d 'Andorra an event organized by VSL Sports, is committed to the fight against climate change. The organization has offset the emissions that will be generated during the event.

The organization has closed a collaboration agreement with the hydraulic energy project called Dárico, located in Turkey. A project certified by Verified Carbon Standard that, apart from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reduces water pollution, boosts the local economy, increases jobs and helps the social and economic development of the area.

Finally, the organization has obtained the Clean CO2 certificate that proves its neutrality.



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